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How It Works

Chained Payments
EZChain is a PayPal Adaptive Payment module that allows merchants to automatically split a payment across multiple recipients via chained payment APIs. Through our simple interface, you can create a button or link for your website or system that, when clicked or executed, performs complex split payment processing on your behalf. We take care of all the API complexity so you can focus on easily selling online. Your customers can either pay though PayPal or by supplying a valid credit card. An EZChain transaction can include up to 5 recipients plus the EZChain transaction fee.

Delayed Chained Payments
EZChain fully supports delayed chained payments. You can perform chained payments in which the Primary recipient can withhold funds from the Secondary recipients for any amount of time up to 90 days. When a delayed chained payment has been triggered, the transaction can later be completed, and funds released to secondary recipients, in one of two ways: (1) Log into EZChain, click the Tracking tab, find the delayed payment, and click the button to release it; or (2) Send an automated API call to EZChain to release the delayed payment. Detailed instructions are available inside the Tracking tab's page.

Chained Subscriptions
EZChain also provides split payment subscription options (recurring payments). This is functionality that paypal's adaptive payment APIs only partially support "out of the box". While they provide preapproval APIs that facilitate recurring payments, you have to build a custom system to charge against the preapprovals at the right time. EZChain enables you to skip all that custom development by ulilizing our built-in preapproval charging system and making it easy to sell subscriptions and split the payments to up to 5 recipients. For chained subscriptions, customers are required to pay with their PayPal account; they cannot pay with a credit card.

See our Video Tutorials, FAQ, Code Samples, and Settings Guide to get all your questions answered.


EZChain plugs into any website or software.


No up-front cost and tiny transaction fees.


EZChain is built on PayPal's popular Adaptive Payments APIs.